Contact lenses

Contact lenses are an optimum sight solution for many ametropic people (people with a sight impairment, myopia for instance).

Nonetheless wearing contact lenses is not something to be taken lightly. A foreign body placed in the eye for many hours can have many adverse consequences.

Only a rigorous adaptation protocol will allow each short-sighted, hypermetrope and astigmatic people safe visual comfort over a long period of time.

Maison DECLERCK offers you all type of contact lenses adaptations recognised so far. Thus we can adapt any person with a sight defect.

Fabrication de lentilles de contact

There are several types of contact lenses in the market:

Flexible contact lenses

The adaptation in flexible hydrophilic contact lenses (LSH) is an excellent alternative to wearing glasses. Wearing LSH requires however, strict adaptation and an annual examination by your usual ophthalmologist and/or your Optician-Optometrist.

The advantage of LSH over rigid or semi-rigid contact lenses is the immediate comfort that they offer to each user.

The most frequent LSH adaptations are the frequent renewal flexible lenses:

  • Frequent: Daily, bi-weekly (15 days) and monthly
  • Traditional: Annual renewal

Semi-rigid Contact Lenses permeable to Gas (LRPG)

Although LRPGs are less and less adapted, they remain extremely beneficial for many ametropic people.

There are many benefits to LRPGs, including:

  • Customised lenses shape – 100% customised for each user
  • Ideal solution in the event of tear insufficiency – eye dryness
  • Ideal solution in the event of failure by LSHs, discomforts related to cleaning products
  • Most secure wearing

Ortho-Keratology / Ortho – K

Ortho-K allows the correction and temporary reduction of myopia through the wearing during the night of a semi-rigid contact lenses with a specific shape.

Ortho-K lenses have a design specifically studied to shape the cornea so as to make your myopia disappear during the day.

In addition those lenses are optically corrected and allow perfect sight when they are worn. They are worn when sleeping and free you from sight correction during the day. The lenses are unique pieces made on the basis of highly accurate measures of your eyes taken by your specialist adapter. They are made according to cutting edge manufacturing techniques in material offering high gas permeability, so the cornea is fed oxygen even during sleep.

Regular wearing of Ortho-K contact lenses is crucial for the myopia correction to be maintained and for the visual result to be at its best, failing which the cornea reverts to its initial shape. That process is fully reversible which is an undisputable advantage over another correction method.

As it is reversible and compensate low to medium myopia (i.e. up to -4.50 dioptries), ortho-K is an excellent alternative to the wearing of glasses and to refractive surgery.

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