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Ophthalmic glasses

Since always Maison DECLERCK has been unanimously recognised for the quality and accuracy of its work in terms of glasses lens supply and centring. Its reputation was gained over the years thanks to 4 factors.


Cooperation with a first rate glass maker

Maison DECLERCK does more than just buy from a famous glass maker. Indeed we are deeply convinced that nowadays, we need to position ourselves as a true collaborator and consider (and be considered by) the glass maker as a partner, and not as a supplier. Thus, we are also involved in the technical progress that you, the client, benefit by on a daily basis with your glasses.

To do so, Maison DECLERCK has been for many years a recognised  Carl ZEISS Vision partner.

With our business culture in mind, we have selected German supplier ZEISS. ZEISS glasses are made exclusively at the operating seat of Gartenstrasse 97 D-73430 Aalen, Germany. This is a guarantee of perfect quality


Our experience and tooling can perform all the work and repairs on site at 47 Passage LEMONNIER.


Selection of the glass that is suitable for you

Each person wearing glasses is unique and visual needs are also specific to each one of us. We make it a point of honour to provide explanations and describe each solution that can meet your needs.

Maison DECLERCK will take the time to find the best solution meeting each and even the most demanding request. 


Unique centring technique

Maison DECLERCK has developed a centring technique for progressive multifocal lenses that achieves accuracy of our work down to one hundredth of a millimetre in 100% of cases. That technique allows you to benefit from the best distance sight, intermediate sight and close up sight visual performance. 


Work quality

It is the performance work (cutting – grinding – carving – polishing …). Unlike many sale outlets in Belgium where the work is sub-contracted, at Maison DECLERCK the workshop work is done only at our workshop at Passage LEMONNIER.