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Maison DECLERCK offers the services and the expertise of a family team.



An optician – glasses manufacturer since 1982, has been offering his services since 1991.


kA physiotherapist by trade, Joëlle chose to work with her husband from the beginning in 1991.


An optician-optometrist and contact lens specialist, he joined the family company in July 2008.


In addition to the experience gained by Onil and Joëlle Leclerc for over 20 years, Dylan LECLERC received his degree of optician – optometrist in June 2008 from Institut d’Optique Raymond Thibaut in Brussels.

In September 2008, Dylan LECLERC graduated from the International Association of Contact Lens Educators (IACLE – an international organisation). The degree is an acknowledgement by an international organisation of a cutting edge contact lenses course.

In 2009, Dylan received a bachelor’s degree in professional optics at Paris – Sud XI University, School of Sciences of Orsay. That bachelor’s degree constitutes the validation of a university degree in optometry and contact lenses science.

Since 2009, Maison DECLERCK therefore benefits by the services of a university trained optician – optometrist. It is a unique case in the city of Liège.

In September 2013, Dylan LECLERC was responsible for the Contact Lenses Science Court at the IFAPME Training Centre of Liège – Château Massart site.

In April 2014, Dylan lectured at the optometry and contact lenses science convention C.Ls.C. The lecture covered cornea Metabolism.

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With a concern for continuous improvement, we attend every year as many training sessions as possible in order always to be on the forefront of modernity in our area of business.